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Android Nougat is the official name of the new Android 7.0


7.0 Android was known so far as Android and since yesterday, day in which Google baptized formally to the new version of its popular operating system, called Android Nougat. All we expected, that despite what was said by the search giant, this version of Android called Nutella, but it seems that something has finally failed in this sponsorship and finally they have opted for the nougat.

Nougat or what is the same nougat, is a fairly typical sweet in many countries including ours included, but surely there will be many U.S. users who ask what the hell is that, since for example it is not so typical in the country of origin of Google.

As usual Google also discovered the statue of the snowman of the new version of Android, which this time has no sweets in hand if that is not rise above them. As you can see in the photo Andy appears on several pieces of nougat in different colors.

Travel that has this new version of Android on the market, we will see that very soon will start to be available officially, but that you want to tell you, with the peculiar and funny names that we have had for the different versions of the operating system, baptizing the 7.0 as Nougat, to me, at least I finished convincing too.

How about the name of official that Google has put Android N?.

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