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Android Nougat reach the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge beginning 2017

Good news for the owners of a S7 Galaxy or a S7 Edge. Samsung has fulfilled his promise, launched last November 2016 and already set a tentative date for the release of its upgrade to Android Nougat. Although the version of the mobile operating system would not be the most advanced.

A a publication through internal (via 9to5Google) for users of its beta testing program, the company announced that they have already ended officially with the testing phase, and that they will launch the final version of Android Nougat for these Samsung models starting from the month of January of 2017.

It’s something excellent in theory, but according to what would have been assessed in testing beta of different operators, which will be distributed via OTA next month would be the version of Samsung 7.0 Android Nougat.

Is is of a made that could disappoint to more than one, under the expectation logical and understandable of that the company was to the day unless with the version 7.1.1.

But all, apparently is must to a scenario of confusion, where them evaluations beta is performed with a version different to which Samsung plans to release (the 7.1.1), and which the operators are testing (it 7.0).

Basic sequence the first version that arrived to the terminals of users would be the 7.0 through operators, although in the end it is almost certain that in 2017 the latest version of Nougat.

The active program in beta testing period ends the last day of January 2017, so the company looks that you could wait until the last days of the month to implement the release.

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