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Android or will automatically connect you to a known WiFi network

Thanks to the fact that Google releases Android or builds for specific equipment, we have a notion of what we can expect when the new version of the operating system for their official deployment is ready.

A new option within the WiFi setting that will automatically activate the WiFi connection when a known network is available, according to Android Police was recently discovered.

The curious thing about this is that this option listed as “Again to turn on Wi-Fi” cannot be enabled, for now. However, by your description, it is easy to understand how it might work.

(c) Android Police(c) Android Police

Some of the newer versions of Android allow Google to locate a phone, not only with the GPS or the data connection, but also with nearby WiFi networks, even if such a connection is not enabled.

With this new option and we won’t have to manually enable the WiFi connection when we are near a known network. Surely will save us more than one unwanted data connection and that can leave us expensive.

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