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Android will continue to dominate despite the 8 iPhone sales

A curious case is that of the 8 iPhone, which has caused great expectation by two major factors: it is the terminal which will mark the tenth anniversary of this smartphone and there are signs that will be delayed by problems with its components.

As it is natural at this stage have begun to arise the first commercial projections on sales that Apple would, and the forecasts are quite favorable, although not enough to overcome to Android.

An analysis of the specialized firm TrendForce (via DigiTimes) ensures that 8 of the tenth anniversary of Apple iPhone would be a great sales success, since more than 100 million units of the device is sold.

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However, the discrete presence of Apple in key markets such as the Asian, and the number of terminals distributed by firms such as Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Sony Mobile Communications, Huawei and Oppo Android would make the predominant platform.

Only of the S8 Galaxy expected sales exceeding 60 million units, excluding its variant S8 +, and this terminal in conjunction with others under the Android system would end up tilting the balance in favor of this platform.

As a point of reference, in the Chinese market is estimated to 86.4% of the terminals belonging to Android, while 13.2% runs under iOS.

End of 2017, it is estimated that at level global Android (with its derivatives) stays with 90% of the market for operating systems, whereas iOS will have the remaining.

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