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Announces trip to Un’Goro, the new expansion to Hearthstone

Blizzard has announced the next expansion for Hearthstone, it of trip to Un’Goro which will be available at the beginning of April.

This expansion will add 135 new letters of which we already know some like volcano and Piros, but mentioned that on 17 March will reveal more details. Then let them complete the ad information, including the ability to adapt:

An ancestral forest filled with primordial wonders, unearthed secrets and elemental power awaits them in the upcoming expansion of Hearthstone: trip to Un’Goro!

Visiting Un’Goro, the plants you eat you
Ready to join Elise Buscaestelar and their young explorers in a new expedition to the uncharted territory of the crater a ‘ Goro? Its descent to the jungle will be filled with exciting adventures, wonderful discoveries, and the opportunity to be one of the first to unearth the mysteries that have been forgotten for a long time under the thick mists of the jungle. The primordial inhabitants of Un’Goro will not be taken kindly curiosity, but who knows you can find who will help you when you most need it.

Surrounding Adaptadose
Grab your diary and take notes, because there is more about the inhabitants of a ‘ Goro from what is seen with the naked eye. 135 new henchmen, spells and much more awaits you in the most recent expansion of Hearthstone.


Nothing is more essential than the elements themselves, and the old energies of a ‘ Goro give power to the elementals that inhabit them with renewed vigour and a ferocity. Some of the familiar faces of Hearthstone will earn the tribe elementary, joining Murlocs, dragons, pirates, and beasts with exciting new synergies.


Quick, grab your pen – we have encountered with one of the inhabitants of Un’Goro, the verdant Cuellolargo. While it may be a herbivore honest and harmless at first glance, is known to having the ability to quickly adapt to changes in their environment. Type the following!


The new ability adapts allows a henchman to take new properties to be able to adapt to the environment that surrounds it. When you play a card with fits, will be presented three options, similar to discover mechanism. You can choose one of three options for “bufear” immediately to your henchman. There are ten total adaptations to choose, so choose wisely!


While we are in a ‘ Goro, make sure view and document everything you can! From the hottest volcano until sticky ms bites, there is a lot of new and exciting to discover things. We are going to do a personal search to see all!

Mission letters are a new type of very exciting letter to Hearthstone. Mission letters are legendary, so you can only have one in your deck, and always starts in your starting hand. Each mission will have their prerequisites listed therein, which should meet to complete the. Missions appear in his portrait of hero, similar to the secrets, but his opponent can see the progress of the mission also. Complete missions be granted rewards amazing! Take a look at the Mission of priests “Awakening from the creators” and the card given to complete it: Amara, guardian of hope!

Starting from tomorrow 28 of February will be available the presale of 50 envelopes of travel to Un’Goro by USD $50, and which decide make it will receive the back fossil for them letters that can see then:


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