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Anonymous leaks of 5,400 police personal data


Today there are several legal issues pending in Spain of enough interest. One that is more calling attention is the trial being conducted in our country against the directive of Anonymous Dome, if only because no one knows who he is, so a trial, to say in any way, without the accused being held. Perhaps precisely because of this, the famous group of hackers just made a motion to take into account and is to have internet-filtering a list with the personal data of more than 5,400 officers of the national police.

This news has been published via Twitter both Anonymous website. In listing can be read clearly the full name, ID, e-mail and password of thousands civil servants. Apparently, and as it has been revealed, all these data have been stolen from the web page of the mutual of the national police whose security measures, to possess this type of material, were not good enough, according to the Organization, were rather poor.

Policía Nacional

As it is usual in all acts of Anonymous organization returns to position themselves accusing the Government of censorship and repression to produce, by their actions, can fight corruption and, on this occasion, known as the Gag law. What personally not very clear to me is the motive for precisely act against a number of officials who work every day for our safety, I would rather say that we have a kind of revenge or threatens cons the bodies and security forces of the State.

On this occasion, I speak personally, I must confess that I think accurately that Anonymous has gone from the stripe, they have long been playing near a delatada very dangerous line so that, while for many basically was a group of ciberjusticieros, in this way the only thing getting it is that every day are more who catalogued them as cyber criminals. We must recognize that in cases where they have literally acted against dictatorships and murderers have been many who have thanked them, acting against ‘simple’ workers…

The only certainty seems to be that while the national police officers are to protect the citizen… would who or who are responsible for protecting the police?

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