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Another new feature which has released Sony, Xperia Touch

This morning we attended the Sony event in the framework of the MWC in Barcelona and the truth is that in addition to the three new devices launched and the presentation of the renewed sony Xperia Ear, brand has surprised the early-rising audience with a new touch projector. Yes, we’re not talking of a headlamp emitting just images on the table, we are talking about a projector that has Android as an operating system and we can enter, play, sailing, or move around, we all applications directly from the image projected on the table.

The Xperia Touch, is a projector that could directly be a tablet and is that your specifications are simple but enough to give the user a great user experience. This morning we have been able to try it and I already confirm that it works really fluid and as we are used to using touch devices you get easily control. It is capable of projecting images directly on the wall to display content (reaching 80″) but we will obviously lose the touch functions, in this sense we can use it with a size of 23-inch HD resolution on a table and works perfectly well.

In terms of the internal hardware of this Xperia Touch, we have to clarify that you have installed Android 6.0 Marshmallow, has 32 GB of internal storage and a 3 GB of RAM. As we had a few hours on the Sony stand, this device will not receive software update at the moment. In any case, what we have on the table is a powerful projector for different functions with touch technology at 60 FPS.

It has a range of 60 minutes, dimensions of 69 x 133 x 143 cm, have you an entry microUSB, USB type C HDMI type D, Miracast, adds its own speaker and 13 megapixel camera which allows you to make video calls. The time that what we have “fretted” in a normal table and we love it because it is really stable and functional, in no time has failed. Sony has put us a little (something not common on a table) video played to the Fruit Ninja, sailed by Google Maps and we even touched a piano. This Xperia Touch is now available for your reservation, but their price won’t so much everyone and is that are talking about more than 1,400 euros.

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