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Another Nokia 3310, cash and more than 2,500 euros

We talked about halfway between the resignation and the memories of the Nokia 3310, which had been presented during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona a few days ago. The reality is that it is the perfect alternative, however, what Squeak us is that this type of devices focused on the “llama-cuelga” continued to exist, Nokia did not invent them. For example, Wolder boasts a wide range of devices with huge autonomy and limited capabilities. So since we get for eccentrics, are going to get good, with this metallic 3310 and a price that will not be available to all, without a doubt.

This device has been baptized as Gresso 3310 and is really nice. A serious rival for whom want to strength, quality and have good taste. The price is another matter, but these are your specifications:

  • PVD coating
  • 3MP camera
  • 32GB internal capacity
  • 720 hours in standby and up to 75 speaking
  • Possibility of dual SIM

So, simplicity to the fullest, with much internal storage. The most peculiar is that it is an Edition limited to only 3310 units. Shines, no doubt, and is being manufactured in titanium, one of the more quality materials that we can find on a mobile device. On the other hand, the device will be offered both in BREW metal, as in a range of grey and black. This device will cost almost $3,000 and can only be performed on request through the web page of Gresso.

The curious point storage puts it, 1 KB which offered the original Nokia 3310 and 32 GB of storage that offers us this 3310 Gresso, being honest I haven’t bothered (or I’m going to do) to calculate how many hundreds of times more represents the storage of this new device. If you’re rich and you want, forward, no doubt will have a pretty exclusive phone.

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