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[APK] Pokémon Go regional form now available

Pokémon GO

Niantic Labs and Nintendo have joined forces to create Pokémon GO, a game in which the augmented reality is the central hub to provide a gaming experience that millions of players must fight worldwide for gyms and the hunt for those Pokémon that can be found anywhere.

While the beta has been regional form in several countries, he has now played us time to enjoy the experience of Pokémon GO with the APK that is available. It has launched in several countries, but not in our official form, allowing us to access to download and installation begin with hunt and fight for the domination of some of the three teams that we can join.

Pokémon GO is a game of augmented reality in which you can create your hero and thus begin scan in your area to find Pokemon to catch them. With the Pokeball you can go to meet increasingly more Pokemon, as you will have to make them evolve and feed. One of the more satisfying experiences of augmented reality that may exist at the moment and that, when more players begin to install and appear in this world of augmented reality, the fun will grow exponentially.

Pokémon GO

Another key point of this game is the struggle for gyms that will be located close to where living so strive for them. You will need certain level and you will be fighting against other players who will try to do with it. Here you will have to participate in any of the three teams for the global fight and thus go over some points. Here is based on Ingress, the previous Niantic Labs of augmented reality game and that it has served to give a very important point for the multiplayer and so those hunted Pokemon serve them players for their fighting.

It is only available the download the APK, since in our country is not yet available from the Google Play Store.

Download the APK from Pokémon GO

WP-Appbox: Pokemon GO (Free*, Google Play) →

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