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Apparently there will be no iPhone 8

Much has been said about a third iPhone this year, one who comes to celebrate ten years since Steve Jobs took the stage and showed the world the device, for better or for worse, would change the paradigm of what we now know about mobile technology.

It has been rumored a team without borders, another provision of the cameras, Wireless charging and more. Even with leaked prototypes and all that, what in recent years is has been going on almost without fail to hit the next moves of Apple.

Later, he spoke of a delay in the production of the same by serious problems with some internal components that would be causing unacceptable failures, such as overheating of equipment.

Now the latest from rumor of Fudzilla, who claim to have friends in high places in the chain of Foxconn, the main factory of manufacture of the bite Apple devices, said that it would simply not exist.

The alleged plan included the iPhone 7s, 7s Plus and this new model, iPhone 8 according to several. Now this so-called high information and internal source says that Apple only commanded to do the iterancias of 7 and nothing more.

Maybe that Apple is doing mind games to lower expectations and surprise… or that they are simply running out of ideas.

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