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Appear 655,000 medical records on sale in the Deep Web

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If up to date, the goal of the hackers was to steal the credentials of accesode all kinds of users to different sites to thus market them on the internet, this time they have gone much beyond that in the Deep Web they just appear for sale nothing less than 655,000 medical records looking for buyer. Before continuing to talk to you about that, this time, practically all the data correspond to Americans so, although if a real attack against the right to privacy, the damage seems less do not contain details of people in our country.

Listing of medical records has been put on sale through web TheRealDeal, a kind of digital flea market where they sell all types of hacked data on a large scale. An example of course, in addition to be able to find the results of this latest theft today, have it that, at the time, was the chosen website to be relisted and sell the huge number of passwords stolen from LinkedIn.

The author of this theft is a user who calls himself thedarkoverlord. The truth is that at the moment it is unknown how this user has been able to do with so much data of patients, data where, in addition to the name complete, last known address, close relatives are… also data related to the unique identity of the person such as ID or social security number. A true assault on privacy on the internet.

According to the author of this theft on the page where such sale amount of medical records has reviewed, apparently perpetrated robbery has been through the servers belonging to large corporations, both public and private, too fragile at the level of security servers to contain the private data of many people. According to the words of thedarkoverlord about this robbery:

The next time that an opponent asks you a very small change not to publish data, pay.

More information: deepdotweb

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