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Appears in China the first 7 iPhone clone

Surprise to generated the emergence of a so-called 7 iPhone clone in the Chinese market. The device has some characteristics filtered about the new phone, although they still have not been confirmed officially.

Apparently the mobile market cloned in China it is quite profitable and whenever launches a flagship by any manufacturer, does not pass no time there is already a copy in the Asian market.

clon iphone 7

The mobile account with the supposed characteristics of design that would integrate the iPhone 7 / 7 Plus, as the double rear camera, color rose gold and screen printing of all iPhone appears on the bottom of the mobile, but in this model says “Designed in Taiwan” and “Made in China”, something quite striking.

Finally, is not known the price nor the processor that will incorporate this future 7 iPhone clone. However, this not might like much to Apple, since it is a design that has not yet been confirmed by the company, and would not be uncommon to see some sort of demand from the Americans.

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