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Apple also holds the patent for a foldable smartphone

Samsung has been responsible to grow the rumor that the 2017 would begin to sell its expected folding screen smartphone. All the speculations have pointed to of do it Samsung could take the front in the competed sector, but now is has discovered that Apple also would have patents developed on exactly the same idea.

According to a patent discovered by Patently Apple guys, the guys at Cupertino have been the idea of a folding smartphone with unbreakable display, thanks to its various carbon nanotube-based composition, that it would be extremely flexible and resistant.

iphone apple plegable

The patent illustration is fairly basic, but the distribution of its components immediately forwards to that conceptual video of the first smartphone Samsung foldable, appeared there in 2014.

The full document with the registration of the patent actually is quite detailed, on the functioning of the structure and distribution of the carbon nanotubes, in conjunction with its integration touch sensors on the device.

These details make think that Apple would take already something of time dealing with that project. So it could be only a matter of time, some years, to see an iPhone with these qualities.

It is not the first time that seeps a patent from Apple on this kind of flexible products.

To the it seems Samsung is not the only one in that way.

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