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Apple celebrates LGBT pride day giving away one strap Rainbow Apple Watch employees


Every year as approaching the date of the day of Gay pride, the Cupertino-based company, begins to perform various acts to commemorate this date. Everyone knows continues her fight of Apple for the rights of all persons who are not afraid to show their sexual condition, their religion, their skin color…

Another year, Apple has taken part in the Pride it seems that was held yesterday in the city of San Francisco. To thank the support of all employees who attended, the company has given a belt with the colors of the Rainbow to the Apple Watch. This belt made of nylon, is not expected to hit the Apple Store, so if you are interested will have to go to eBay to see if any worker wants to get some euros for her.

Next to the belt, we can find a card of thanks to everyone who helped with this event.

The first Diversity Network Association of Apple, Pride, meets 30 this year and we are excited to celebrate this breakthrough with you! As a recognition to all those who register to participate in this year’s Pride event we have created something special.

This limited edition belt is a symbol of our responsibility for equality and we expect you to carry it with pride.

As usual and form part of this collective, Tim Cook again formed part of the parade, as well as other executives of the company showing their support and support to equality and diversity. The own Tim Cook hung several pictures made during the parade where he congratulated all those who attended this year’s event.

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