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Apple closes the site Activation Lock. Is complicated to see if an iPhone is stolen

No doubt we are facing one of those news stories that we just don’t understand when occur, but we are confident it’s something timely and soon we will have a response from the company of bite Apple, since this was a really important choice for all those who wanted to check the IMEI of the device whether or not this is blocked by iCloud. Activation Lock not be can used to know if an iPhone, iPad or iPod still bound to iCloud account, so when we have to buy one of these second hand iDevice will be trickier to find out if it is stolen by IMEI.

Logically continue taking options available to check if is or not an iPhone stolen and locked by iCloud, but the ease with which is could perform in this site is is in the gutter until new order. In this case MacRumors says that Apple has removed all references to this site in their support pages and makes us strange to understand the reason or reasons why this step has been made.

This web section Activation Lock, was available from the last year 2014 and was something that Apple offered users a “free” way to see the blockages of iCloud by MEI or the serial number of the device, but now everything is a bit more complicated, and would be interesting to know the details or reasons that led Apple to close this section. In the event that appears any news concerning this, we will share them.

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