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Apple continues to head security of business environment


It is an aspect that small and medium-sized enterprises tend to overlook the fact, however, we will agree that security in the software and hardware of our companies is becoming more and more important. There are many attackers factors that can do that we let’s us a thankless surprise with the hardware and software that we use to take our company forward. According to the latest reports Apple continues to lead in corporate environment safetyl, and other companies such as Samsung have grown substantially if we take as a reference the previous years.

According to the survey made by Pro Tech Research, Apple is the company more secure in devices mobile. On the other hand, the guys from Redmond (Microsoft), have also been driven your data thanks to the Surface. The use of devices Samsung in them companies is growing significantly, but the perception of security from them consumers continues giving as clear Victor to the company of Cupertino.

Fifty-one percent of respondents believe that the iPhone is a device with a security environment very good or excellent. Samsung is second with only thirty percent of responses that qualify it as very good or excellent. It is true that Samsung is gaining more and more ground, but Apple continues to be the benchmark for all, winning the race’s security in enterprises, that if, at a good price.

For systems operating, when the devices business used Android, Samsung usually be the company preferred by who them acquire. BlackBerry is still alive, while even politicians of the United States of America begin to abandon the platform, despite the fact that their safety standards are unmatched. Is a data that not us surprises in absolute, seems that the things continue as always with regard to safety.

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