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Apple could offer money transfer between users

If the rumors are true, Apple would be about to enter a new field: the transfer of money between users. A Recode report indicates that the Cupertino giant is working on a service that would make it possible to carry out money transfers between users of iPhone, which also would be supplemented with a VISA card to make purchases in different trades.

Apple Cash, a possible name for this service, debut sometime this year, although details are not known at the moment. With this move, Apple would seek to throw to the bag to a younger audience that it does not have a bank account (or are interested in opening it).

The transactions would eliminate excess steps occurring in shipments of traditional, following a path similar to what we see with Apple Pay and easy to pay in shops. Input Apple only Cash would be limited to the United States, a country where there are similar services such as cell, PayPal, or Cash Square of Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO.

Other company that has explored this terrain is Facebook, who makes a good time enabled sending money between users of Messenger of United States.

When will we see Apple Cash in Latin America?

Perhaps within several years, or possibly never. It is not only the financial or legal issue, but also the percentage of users who have a compatible device with the service.

Taking into account that Apple Pay is not even available, or Samsung Pay – which supposedly is easier to install – still in limbo, the prognosis for Apple Cash soon is very positive to say.

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