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Apple may be interested in the purchase of Tidal according to WSJ


Apple seems to having a clear picture for the coming months and that it is none other that continue to improve Apple Music, its music streaming service, to continue winning users and thereby get to Spotify, the true King of this market approach. For in Cupertino, it seems that they are thinking about the possibility of acquiring Tidal, another music service streaming noted mainly for his exclusive releases.

Tidal has been characterized, rather than for its service, by the exclusive releases of some artists of the likes of Beyonce that released his last album in this service exclusively. Shortly after the disc came to other services, but without a doubt Tidal has great hook for the exclusive.

Now Tim Cook and his boys seem to be seduced by those exclusive releases and according to published Wall Street Journal could be already negotiating the purchase of Tidal. The footballer Jay-Z, one of the visible heads of the music streaming service could have participated in these negotiations.

At the moment none of the two companies have made statements about the negotiations, that reportedly already have been initiated. In addition several people directly related to Tidal wanted to confirm that there have not been any contact between your company and Apple.

Now can only wait to see in that end this matter, but I am afraid that Apple will eventually acquire Tidal pulling that yes the checkbook and spending huge amount of money. In Cupertino want to grow and power Apple Music and it seems that they have found the way to do this in a quick and important way.

Do you think that Apple will end up buying Tidal to enhance Apple Music?.

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