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Apple Music could reduce the price of your subscriptions

Apple Music

The war in the market of the music in streaming began with the arrival of Apple Music, since after its launch many have been them services that is have seen forced to disappear of the market as Rdio, line-up Music or Samsung Milk. But in the war to capture a greater number of users at the moment Spotify is winning the battle to Apple Music, despite the fact that Apple started with a lot of advantage to having one large number of users of iPhone, iPad as Mac, that this service is also compatible. Currently and according to the latest data from both companies, Apple Music has 17 million users while Spotify hit more than one month ago of the 40 million subscribers, excluding all those who enjoy their music with ads for free.

Following the launch makes slightly less than a month of Amazon Prime Music, where is found the cheapest fee for 7.99 dollars to users of Amazon Prime (not counting the $ 3.99 for users of Amazon Eco), it seems that Apple wants to plunge to compete with giant sales on the internet which also oblige Spotify to reduce the monthly. Currently users who pay for Amazon Prime service that offers little little money many advantages, many are ideal for regular users of the platform of Jeff Bezos.

According to some leaks of people related to this music service, Apple may be considering the possibility of reducing the priceor the individual rate up to 7.99 euros per month, for the current 9,99 euros. But this reduction in price would also affect family plans, which happen to 12,99 EUR 14.99 euros. If finally these prices is confirm, Apple would offer the same prices that currently offers Amazon Prime Music, leaving is Spotify away from to compete unless also lower them prices.

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