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Apple not be benefit from the problem of the Galaxy Note 7


Yesterday it company with headquarters in Cupertino ad them results economic corresponding to the fourth quarter of the year and in which could see as both them income of the company as the sales of iPhone continues down, something that already had predicted both them analysts as it own company. A great part of fault it has the market Chinese, that already not grows as it has made in these last years and that according to have could see in them data provided by Apple the operations in that country have lowered a 30%. These results financial served to confirm also the iPhone dependency of the company, because represents the 60% of them income that gets.

A time finished the presentation, Tim Cook answered some questions related with the plans of future and current of the company. One of the questions that many users wanted to do was the whether the disappearance from the market of the Galaxy Note 7 is benefited, as had assured analysts. Tim Cook said that they are not seeing profit after the disappearance of Note 7 of the market, since the company does not supply to meet the high demand that new iPhone models had.

Cook was not surprised when he received the question, apparently, was one that was expected given the problem that has been for many users the disappearance of Note 7, since they have been forced to seek alternatives in the market. To be honest, we should recognize that real alternatives there. There is no terminal on the market that offers you the possibility to use a S-Pen with the screen of the device. The closest thing we can find is the iPad 9.7-inch Pro, which is not over a smartphone but only a tablet.

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