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Apple patents technology to use the iPhone with one hand

We all remember the time that Steve Jobs justified the size of your iPhone, not following the huge trends of the market, arguing that it maintained in its small size because they were the exact to be maneuvered with one hand. Now history is another, with terminals as 6s iPhone it is impossible to do so, but it seems that Apple will already have a solution underway to do so.

According to a recent finding, Apple would have patented a software technology able to detect the mode that your terminal is held to rearrange the graphical interface and the most important user functions, so that you can operate your iPhone with one hand, without difficulty from the year 2014.

apple patente iphone una mano

Under the name of Electronic devices hand detection circuitry with, the patent document describes a new feature called Reachability, that would trigger a series of sensors distributed in the body of the iPhone, to detect the hand used by the user and the position of the terminal, so that can cut the window’s OS to the half and mount a series of buttons on the side of the fingers to operate the device without complication.

Samsung has for years with a change of interface that reduces the size to operate it with one hand, but the Reachability of Apple technology would go a step further, even to the degree of use your TouchID to determine whether the user is right or left handed.

While this technology already has registered two years there is no indication that Apple is going to release it soon, but who knows, maybe the iPhone 7 come with this surprise.

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