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Apple Pay in Spain is close to be available

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We carry half too long with the news about the official launch of Apple Pay and it is true that the company has time to deliver his word for payments using NFC technology service available this same year in Spain. When reported the financial results of the company in this fiscal quarter it was unquestionable that the question about when it would launch the service in Spain would come out to the light, and the own Apple’s CEO Tim Cook stepped explaining that it will arrive during the next few months.

This is something that all or almost all users of the brand knows or have clear, but not just materialize the idea since no risk with a date in particular. While the Samsung Pay direct competition already takes time in our country, Apple is resisting.

It should make it clear that this service will end up becoming secure and that it is not the first time that is officially confirmed by the company, but have no specific or official data of the why it is taking so long to arrive. Some media point directly to the banks how major guilty of this situation, but it is obvious that if today we have other similar methods available, not all the blame will be banks… In any case, we hope that this issue is resolved as soon as possible and desencalle the launch of this service that slowly but at a good pace, is coming to many countries, including our neighbour country France three months ago and the last is Japan.

Some have wanted to see all this up in Spain, we have one of the best rates of implantation of dataphones prepared for this type of payments from devices with NFC, but it seems that we have no luck with the negotiations between the entities and the own Apple in addition to other services from other companies rather limited in terms of banks that offer this quick and secure payment option.

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