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Apple prepared 70 million iPhone 8 with AMOLED screen for this 2017

Another day, another rumor disproportionate about Apple and its inevitable iPhone 8. In recent months they have run various reports about this company and the models that will launch next 2017.

Some say that this will be a curved terminal, others swear that you will not have the name of iPhone 8, but on what most agree is that it will finally integrate an AMOLED screen, and now comes a new report that backs up that theory.

In accordance with information exclusive of DigiTimes, obtained thanks to their informants anonymous stuck in the process of production of the new smartphone of Apple, the company would be preparing all in joint with your provider Star of displays: Samsung, to generate shipments until by 70 million of units of the new “iPhone 8” with screen AMOLED the next year.

The demands of manufacturing time that takes every AMOLED screen and the production capacity of Samsung, the leading provider of this type of panels in the world, would make that Apple will begin to work from now on the creation of its new iPhone.

According to what stated the report, for the 2017 will be marketed two variants with normal screen for iPhone, with 4.7 and 5.5 inches, which will be accompanied by a new terminal, named for the moment as iPhone 8, and that it would have a 5.8-inch AMOLED screen.

To comply with the calendar of distribution Samsung and Apple would have that start with them first batches of production of the iPhone 8 this month of March, much before it everyday.

It’s a dubious rumor, but that can be confirmed as the months have passed.

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