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Apple released the first major update of iOS 10


As planned, the Cupertino-based company yesterday released the first major update of iOS 10, reaching 10.1 version with important developments in regards to the iPhone 7 Plus. During the presentation of this model, we could see how Apple made special emphasis on the new function portrait, a function which, thanks to the double camera allows us to blur the background of catches which let to persons, objects or animals, although initially the algorithm is designed to work with people. Moreover the launch of this first major update, involves the arrival of Apple Pay to Japan and solves the problems of connectivity of the iPhone Android Wear-based terminals 7 and 7 Plus.

From at launch of new iPhone models 7 and 7 Plus have been many users expressed their discomfort to the not be able to connect their devices based on Android Wear your new and undamaged iPhone 7. Google acknowledged the mistake a few weeks ago and went to work in collaboration with Apple to find a solution to the problem, solution that have apparently already found and has been included in iOS 10.1.

This update already is available for all the users that have of an iPhone 5 in forward, iPad mini 2 in forward and both models of iPad Pro.  To install this new update can do it of two ways: to through of the device via OTA (Over the air) or connecting our device to iTunes through the cable Lightning and wait that iTunes detects the version of our device so it check with the last version that yesterday launched Apple.

If you are a user of jailbreak, you should know that today there is no version of iOS 10 that is compatible with the jailbreak, so if you’re enjoying it but want to try the new features of iOS 10, will have to think twice since the last version compatible with the jailbreak is iOS 9.3.3 and the latest that Apple is currently signing iOS 10.0.2.

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