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Apple removed the Paper de la App Store application


The social network par excellence, Facebook, launched at the beginning of 2014 an application called Paper that allowed us to enjoy our social network in a different way. Instead of having to move down as since its launch, the Paper application allowed us to configure the application in ratings for that all information will be displayed as if it were a magazine.

Just get to the market, technological critics praised the excellent idea that had had, but users did them no grace and apparently never got to use the application. Little success has forced the company to cease providing service to the application, will end on July 30, but to start already has removed the application from the Apple app store.

Part of the blame it has Facebook by not having contributed to the expansion of the application. Two years after its launch, the company of Mark Zuckerberg has not bothered to no time to launch a version for iPad. But it has not bothered to release it for the Android platform. If you have tried the Flipboard, the operation of Paper application is very similar to the of this application, demonstrating once again that on Facebook they have no ideas of his own and only engage in copying everything launches competition.

Apparently the company will continue to focus on adding more features to the main application, although it is likely that follow also separating the application services main, as it has already in recent weeks com is the case of Momments, application that synchronizes our reel with a private Facebook album. Another feature which separated long ago was the Messenger application, forcing users to download another application to make use of this platform for Instant Messaging.

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