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Apple removes tool to check stolen devices

Various reports indicate that Apple removed a useful application within which we could check if a used device is stolen or not. Is is of Activation Lock, a tool that was available in the website of iCloud and us allowed check the number of IMEI of those teams with iOS, reports today The Verge.

The really unfortunate thing of this decision is that, at least momentarily, there is with a new proposal to replace this utility, making it difficult to greatly revise our used equipment is really from who sold it to us, or even if if it corresponds to a stolen mobile phone.

By now the company not has issued an explanation official for this movement, which certainly has surprised of bad way to their users. It should be highlighted that, if well would speculate too, we could listen to some reasonable explanation within an Apple event in the month of March, but still there is nothing confirmed in this regard.

By obvious reasons never is recommended buy articles technological of second hand, however the called is to take all the precautions of the case if is that plan do it within them next days or months, since our tool official-since also there are others instances-for check if them equipment are stolen or not already not exists.

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