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Apple responds to the accusations of Spotify and warns of that your application not meets the standards of the App Store

Apple responde a las acusaciones de SpotifyYesterday afternoon, we published an article that talked about the letter that Spotify had sent him at Apple complaining because they had rejected the latest update of your application. According to the company whose service streaming is the most widely used of the planet, Apple only wants to harm them to favor its own Apple Music service, but the Cupertino not even 24 hours it took to respond to these allegations.

The response of Apple is made of the same way that it’s complaint of Spotify, i.e., in a letter public. In the letter from Apple, of Cupertino were disappointed by the way that Spotify had used to formulate your complaint, with a letter that anyone could read in which resorted to “rumors and half-truths” about their service. On the other hand, they didn’t hesitate remind you that Spotify has earned much money thanks to the Apple App Store.

Spotify delivered two updates that violated the standards of the App Store

Interestingly, Apple has always had the same rules as for purchases within applications and subscriptions and Spotify had never complained until this week. What is the real reason for the complaint? In my opinion, Spotify complains because he sees Apple as a threat, and will become more dangerous if rumors are met and buy Tidal, music service streaming of Jay Z featuring exclusive content and that if it joined Apple, Apple Music would go on to be part of this content or, failing It would eliminate competition and would get many agreements so performers offered this content only in the Apple streaming music service.

There can be no doubt that Spotify has benefited immensely from its partnership with Apple’s App Store. Since he joined the App Store in 2009, the Apple platform has led to more than 160 million downloads of your application, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in benefits to Spotify. That is the reason by which see a problem in that ask an exception to the rules that apply to all them developers and recurrĂ­s publicly to rumors and half truths about our service.

In the letter from Apple, the Cupertino also made public that he had delivered them not one, if not two updates which violated the rules of the App Store.

During a number of discussions between our team and Spotify, we explain the reason why this function of access does not meet our guidelines and ask that you spiritless to deliver a version of the application that met them. On June 10, Spotify delivered another application which again incorporated a function of access directing customers from the App Store to provide an email address so they could be contacted by Spotify directly in a continuous attempt to avoid our guidelines. The Spotify application was rejected again by trying to avoid shopping within the app and no guidelines, as you say, because Spotify is looking to communicate with its customers.

In addition, lawyer Bruce Sewell, responsible for drafting the Charter, said that, according to what he can see, the application of Spotify that’s currently on the App Store also viola arrangements of the App Store, which in my opinion is a veiled threat that, if they continue along this path, could eliminate its application until they release something ‘legal’.

As far as I can see, the application of Spotify that’s currently on the App Store still violates our guidelines. It would be happy to facilitate a quick review and approval of your application as soon as we give something that complies with the rules of the App Store.

You have the Charter complete (in English) on BuzzFeed, where you can access from this link. Seems that this history not has done nothing more than start, by what id preparing popcorn.

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