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Apple says iOS 10.2.1 solves the sudden shutdown of the iPhone 6-6s

Few weeks ago many are users who are experienced problems with the battery of all devices of the range iPhone 6, including all models. While it is true that some of them had a problem of factory in batteries and Apple opened a replacement program to replace them free of charge to the user, many others were seeing their device battery life decreased rapidly. Others, however, saw as when you reach 30% load, device is turned off and did not return to power until we not connected it to a power source.

Apple has remained silent to the discomfort of users, something that has angered many of its customers. According to TechCrunch, posted Apple says that the latest update of iOS, 10.2.1, solves this problem, which has affected a large number of devices, at least in 80% of them. Apparently the problem was due to a poor distribution of the battery power. Apparently these devices software not well distributed energy this way the device had no choice but to turn off considering that because the battery had been unloaded.

This update has also solved the problem of sudden shutdown of your devices when you do have battery, thanks to this update the user can turn it on again without having to plug it into a charger. The company says if a client continues to present problems with your device must be in contact with the nearest Apple Store so they try to find if there is a further problem not covered in this update. Currently Apple is already developing the next major update of iOS, 10.3, an upgrade that will bring us a large number of innovations in the form of functions and new modes of personalization.

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