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Apple stop selling third-generation Apple TV


After more than 3 years of waiting, Apple renewed the Apple TV by full both its performance as the system operating that it managed. With the launch of the fourth generation, Apple gave this set-top box’s own, very similar to iOS operating system, with which users can install applications and games as if from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch will be treated. Them guys of Cupertino continued selling the model earlier, as model of input to this device, but with the time is has given has that the differences are so large that not deserves the penalty follow selling it.

It must take into account that the third-generation Apple TV does not have own shop and the only option to be able to consume content through the device is based on subscriptions, that are usually only available in United States. It lowers in the price that suffered this device not has been reason enough as to attract to the public, since their limitations of operation for consume video in streaming and the possibility of show the content of our Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch not are reasons enough as for disburse them 79 euros that cost, a time lowered.

Apple has notified through a mail internal to them employees the end of the marketing of this device, although in them last months already was starting to be a task something complicated to find it, both in the stores physical as online. Of this form, Apple is ensures that any person that is interested in an Apple TV, is centre only in the new models of fourth generation that we offer a broad fan of possibilities in comparison with the model of third generation.

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