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Apple testing system to find your lost AirPods

Controversial and very few wireless headphones from Apple continue to make news, and it is that the latest beta of iOS, the operating system of the iPhone, includes a system to find these small earphones if you become lost.

This is carried out from the application “Find My iPhone”, where your phone does that hearing aids emit an alarm sound if they are within the range, which, according to our tests is about 10 meters. This alarm is not very strong, so probably feature is designed to search for them inside your House.

If you have doubt if you left them behind at home and they are in the range of one of your Apple devices, the application will show you the general location of them. At least you have the peace that are at home.

On the other hand, if you left them forgotten in a public place, the options come down to show you the last location where you had placed the headphones, there is nothing more that you can do.

A novelty that of safe will appreciate them users of the AirPods, since the replacement of one lost you will be USD $60 in the shop, what not is little.

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