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Apple wants that you gifts your organs through iOS 10

All them users of the community Apple are anxious by the future arrival of iOS 10, the new version of the system operating mobile for iPhone and iPad that will come loaded with an impressive amount of news, that are almost unimaginable, including the possibility of that use to Apple as a medium for donate your organs in case of death.

In accordance with a report published originally by Associated Press, iOS 10 would count with a surprise function additional in its application of health, where is has integrated a button of registration fast to the users of the device can convert is in donor of organs in case of accident.

He pending is can perform completely in line and who complete the process will be within the record national of donors, in USA even Tim Cook offered a statement for the Agency news, pointing that this initiative part directly of the antecedent that Apple lived in 2009 with Steve Jobs, when the boy is had that point to the list of expected by a transplant of liver.

The integration of this function, becomes official but still it is not available in the latest version for developers of iOS 10, it is expected to be seen in future deliveries before its release by September of this year.

In a first stage this donation record will only work in the United States, although the idea is to expand it to other territories. Perhaps an initiative that grows faster than Apple Pay.

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