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Apple wants to prevent the closure of iMessage and Facetime

Apple passes through exceptionally difficult times where the number of factors that seem to play against piling is disastrously, where a new twist in a fight of patent theft could detonate the decommissioning of services iMessage and Facetime, two of the most popular among the users of this platform.

The origin of all, reported the guys from Ubergizmo, is located in the company VirnetX, a firm that would have engaged in a multimillion-dollar legal battle against Apple, claiming theft and intentional violation of four of its patents in telecommunications that had been directly applied on the two applications at risk.

Last February both companies reached an agreement which resulted in favor of VirnetX, for about $625 million. However, new reports claim that the company still requires Apple to make a full lock iMessage and Facetime, on the grounds of damage to its original products that were overshadowed by those of Cupertino.

Live a delicate moment, since the Court ruled in favour of VirnetX in the previous stage of the lawsuit, ruling that actually Apple used patented technology although they knew that it did not belong to them. Now, those responsible for the hold-up appeal to justice, requesting not order both services blocked, since it would affect hundreds of millions of users.

Apple is now, both the office of patent and Trademark Department, have invalidated the initial declaration of VirnetX on their inventions, so a middle point would be not prejudicial against programs that use this technology that already it is not known who belongs to him.

The issue will be resolved in Another court of the Supreme Court, will be a matter of time before they know the final destination of popular applications.

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