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Apple Watch 2 with GPS and water resistance

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On this new Apple Watch 2 that Apple could release along with the new models of iPhone next me September said that it would add the GPS and the water resistance. We say water resistance despite the fact that Apple Watch has a certification for water, but never said to be resistant to water although the clock if you hold wet in Cupertino.

All this would come with this second version of the smart clock which is also expected to be presented in September coming. Apple has much work if all products and rumors that we have online right now you have that present at the end of this summer.

It talks about even the possibility that this second version of the watch is able to monitor the exercise in swimming pools and this would be possible with the rumored water resistance. On the other hand, having GPS will help no doubt all those that make sports activities or even that they are regulars at the consultation of maps. With the integrated GPS would be achieved a little more than autonomy on the iPhone and is that the coordinates would be much more accurate.

During the WWDC, the presentation of the new operating system was conducted watchOS 3 and the truth is that the improvements are interesting, but for many users the best of all is undoubtedly the speed to open an application on the device. This along with the new model with the two or three improvements implemented as a GPS and a certification of the powerful to resist water and dust, would be the Colophon for those who are waiting for the second version of a clock which now works perfectly.

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