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Apple Watch may have a circular design in your next version

Apple Watch circular

Not so long ago Apple introduced formally the second version of the Apple Watch, which has very little tangible news, although that hasn’t the wearable of the Cupertino sales have ceased. However, thanks to the latest leaks and rumors, it seems that Tim Cook boys would be working to offer real changes in your smart watch.

And is that as an Apple patent shows registered recently, could be working intensely on the development of a circular smartwatch, something for which have already chosen other manufacturers in this market as Samsung, Huawei, or bike.

In this patent, we can see how round screen, with several circuits in the frame that surrounds the watch will illuminate. To create the circular effect, in Cupertino have pixels in rows and columns of different lengths. Some details about the device not have been relieved yet, something normal, and it is that at the moment only we have a patent.

Patente Apple Watch

So far we could see not a single image or a sample that allows us to know in which stage of development has Apple Apple Watch circular course. At the moment we will have to wait, although some rumors are running and that we could see it officially next month of September together with the new iPhone.

Time that has to pass is enough and that make the leap from the square design Apple Watch, currently up to the circular design is very busy, for example for developers who must adapt their applications to the new design.

Do you think that we will soon see a new Apple Watch with a circular design?.

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