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Apple will delete outdated applications from the App Store

Discover interesting applications in the App Store is not an easy task, since each hundreds or thousands that are released every day, there are millions more than they were released for a long time and have ceased to be updated. Apple knows this and has decided to take action in the matter. The Cupertino announced that they be removed from the App Store all applications that are not functional.

In an email sent to developers, Apple said that applications that do not work or has not been updated will be eliminated if the respective adjustments are not made. This is in order to facilitate access to the best applications to customers.

The most interesting thing about this announcement is that Apple will eliminate any application that is closed at the time of opening it, a problem that is present in most of the apps for iOS.  Apple will notify the application developers so they change them.

The process of renewal of apps will begin on September 7. If they developed any app and do not comply with the requirements, it will be eliminated,

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