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Apple will have to replace the iPad damaged by new models in the Netherlands

In this sense we have a judgment of a judge of the Court of Amsterdam, in which clearly explains that the Cupertino company cannot change the refurbished iPad customers who have a problem in their new devices. This way when a customer to the store with an iPad damaged for any reason manufacture or problem with warranty, the company will have to replace that iPad by a totally new for the affected user model for the problem or device failure.

This statement has some clear exceptions such as for example the users who had already purchased an iPad section of restored or refurbished products that have Apple in their web. In these cases if the device has a problem that requires a change, the company may offer a product restored to the client, but if the product is new and has not passed warranty period will have to be new.

There is nothing to say in principle if the product can be repaired by non-factory default or similar causes (falls, screens, etc) and the customer wants to pay for this service, but if the product has a manufacturing problem they will have to offer the customer a new one. This is something that hits us since that in the majority of occasions with faulty products demonstrates that Apple has a really good after-sales service and having a product restored or repaired by the company itself is not nor a bad thing – more to see the State of these products – but it is true that they should be new since customer buy a new product and get one that it is not… We cannot doubt that Apple will appeal the ruling and it is possible that this process be extended slightly more than expected.

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