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Apple will let developers of apps to publicly answer the reviews in the App Store

Until now all them users of iOS and macOS could leave reviews on them different applications that these stores have in its catalogue, however them developers not could respond to such critical, many of which destroyed the product in question (as in Pokemon Go, for example). Because Apple decided to take action in the matter, and will soon leave the creators of programs to respond to such reviews publicly on the App Store.

The update will happen with the release of iOS 10.3, to be subsequently implemented in the next version of macOS Sierra (10.12.4), for desktop users.

iOS 10.3 gives a standardized way for apps to show ‘ rate me’ popups…

-Steve T-S (@stroughtonsmith) January 24, 2017

Mobile phone users will also have greater chances of evaluating applications that download to their terminals more comfortably, thanks to a pop-up that will natively in the operating system (not as a window made by the same program as it occurs so far), which will appear very occasionally, according to Apple on The Verge.

Evaluations, although they could be extremely upsetting, are the only way that developers have to know if your job is or not of the taste of the community, so it is extremely important to give us the time to write a small review on the matter, both for companies that create these software, for users who download them.

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