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Apple working on a new processor for its MacBook Pro 2017


After the good financial results announced by Apple this week, return to the front-page rumours about the next loa devices company headquartered in Cupertino. And is that in the last hours, Bloomberg has revealed that Tim Cook boys are working on a new processor based on ARM architecture, and that would make its debut at the MacBook Pro to be released to the market this year.

This chip it coexisted without any problems with Intel processor, handling some tasks that require a low power. With this you release the main processor a significant workload.

At the moment this information is unofficial, and is sometimes Apple does not confirm nor denies any rumor, although being the Bloomberg source, we might almost say that we can count on that not only MacBook Pro 2017 will be inside an Intel processor, but also take a second processor with ARM architecture.

The advantages of this second processor are many and they include improvement in the autonomy, something that all users will appreciate greatly and is that there are never too many minutes or even hours of autonomy.

That Yes, that no one is surprised to see a second processor in a MacBook Pro, and it is that for example on the iPhone already have a co-processor dedicated count steps and listen to orders by voice we give to Siri. With it released an important workload to the main processor and also gets more autonomy.

Do you think the possibility that Apple includes a second processor in its MacBook Pro 2017 interesting?.

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