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Apple would continue working on iMessage for Android

It resurrects a rumor that had been buried after the lack of confirmation in the WWDC 2016. But a series of new rumors are running that Apple is still working on the idea of launching an iMessage version for Android, although the information stands out for its lightness.

Everything originated due to a publication by John Gruber on the blog Daring Fireball, where editor reflects on the value of iMessage as an integral part of the Apple services platform, thus justifying the absence of his appearance at the WWDC 2016 as a new app for Android.

The interesting thing here is that halfway through its exhibition Gruber points out that has reports coming directly from the offices of Apple, in which ensures that they lead time reviewing some mockups detailed graphical remake of iMessage interface for Android.

The author does not dare to say that Apple is prepared this new app, but highlights the fact that the guys at Cupertino would at least reviewing the idea, with the possibility of turning it into a reality within no time.

Apple would lose consistency in the integrity of its platform of interaction if integrates to Android?

Is likely that more than one follower of this company not sympathetic with that release.

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