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Apple would improve Siri to integrate it into the new iPhone 8

The world is prepares for the presentation of the inevitable Galaxy S8, in where an of their main news would reside in the integration of its new Assistant virtual Bixby. Apple apparently is tanto of these rumors and is found working in improve to Siri for be to the height of the competition that is each time more.

In accordance with a report of Digitimes, citing statements of informants anonymous, people to the inside of Apple would be working to go forced to improve the performance of Siri, with the intention of present their new and improved functions during the presentation of the iPhone 8. The objective end of all this, according to say them sources anonymous, would reaffirm to the Assistant virtual of Apple as the main reference.

All this hasty update trigger point, would have been three factors in particular:

  • The most recent rumors, where ensures that Google Assistant could leave the line Google Pixel, to join other terminals as LG G6 Android.
  • The confirmation of the Alliance between Huawei and Amazon to integrate Alexa Mate 9.
  • Bixby.

These three events would raise the foundations to create a new market trend, where increasingly more Android terminals would start to have their own virtual assistant.

So the improvement of Siri became necessary. Although it is not known what developments will present. However, should remember that Tim Cook traveled to Japan in October to Polish the artificial intelligence of Siri.

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