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Apple would produce 16 GB with 7 iPhone smartphones

Increasingly have less time for the official presentation of the 7 iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus, but the truth is that he as approaching the moment of disclosure more will be knowing about this terminal. Foxconn people just order confirm the dual model of this device Plus camera, but another source now says that the 16 GB version will cease to exist from now onwards.

According to the report from an anonymous informant, who spoke exclusively with the newspaper the Wall Street Journal, Apple would have decided to remove the most economical presentation of 16 GB iPhone 7, now reinstating the 32 GB version as the new minimum of storage for this line of devices.

The obvious rationale behind this movement would be the economic factor, to market iPhone 7 to one still greater than expected in its more austere version price. But several analysts also point out that it could be due to the qualities of the new camera, which would support pictures and video in higher definition, perhaps 4 K. But this is mere speculation.

The truth is that Apple has finally adopted the same strategy that was applied with the Nexus 6 in 2014, where the same 16 GB variant was eliminated.

The expectation around 7 iPhone is relatively conservative consumers of the Apple community.

The fact to eliminate the 16 GB version you will not grace more than one.

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