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Application allows to send spoilers for Game of Thrones to your enemies

A curious (and also sinister) application it has unveiled in recent days and that has direct relationship with the popular Game of Thronesseries, whose closure of the sixth season will be this Sunday, June 26. It’s, a service which, as its name says, allows to send progress or part of the plot of the series in question to our enemies, hardly has been completed the issuance of United States chapter.

According to The Guardian reveals, the inspiration for the development of this program is based on a girl, to take revenge on her ex-boyfriend, sending you information during the Sunday night to affect your experience while watching it.

Spoiled.IO allows that upon payment of USD$ 0.99, send an SMS anonymously and spoil him fun to someone with whom we have a problem. Only we need to know your phone number, enter our name (although it will not be used), as well as other trade data and an e-mail so that our sinister plan may carry out, although eye, messages will you possibly in English.

Definitely, there are people who only want to see the world burn.

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