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Are signs of a new Ubuntu Phone called Midori

Bq Aquaris

Apparently the words of Mark Shuttleworth on Ubuntu Phone devices releases have not been very successful. Thanks to a user who has registered and reviewed entries from bugs, we have known evidence about a new mobile with Ubuntu Phone which could release coming soon. This new phone is known with the nickname of Midori and everything seems to point to that it will be manufactured by the Spanish company BQ.

It makes a few months that was said that BQ would be creating a unique device that will have exclusive Ubuntu phone, i.e., a mobile phone created for Ubuntu Phone. There is also the issue that BQ uses names of Dragon Ball to nominate their smartphones. As well as being the name of a famous Navigator, Midori is also the name of a character from the Dragon Ball series, although not a character that appears much like Krillin or Vegeta. In any case the coincidences are many and there are signs the terminal really exists but when we see it?

Midori will be present for the next OTA Ubuntu Phone

You enter the information provided, there is a problem with the Release Candidate, prior to the final release version, it seems that in a few weeks we will have this new device already to the next OTA or operating system update will take place within a few months. So it seems that Ubuntu Phone continues, users who use it for the first time and being an alternative increasingly in progress along with Tizento impress. Thus, while it seems that Android and iOS are not at risk, that is it Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile, a mobile operating system that increasingly has fewer users, and may that later year is already surpassed by Ubuntu Phone or by Tizen do you you think?

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