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Are these the EarPods Lightning of Apple?


Are we seeing in the image above what may be the new Apple’s Lightning EarPods?

The truth is that you long that is the possibility that the new iPhone expected the guys at Cupertino submitted September coming to not add the plug 3, 5 mm earphone jackis rumored, and rumors about the possibility that Apple’s own earphones are connected by Lightning still stalking the network.

Now comes an image of this possible connector which initially could bring the 7 in its iPhone. It also speculated with the possibility that these were bluetooth and even an adapter in the box would be added if not finally added the 3.5 jack…
But let’s set aside the rest of rumours and will focus our gaze on the photo leaked on the net. The photo comes from the Chinese social networking Weibo and are facing a clear picture that the headphones can be perfectly but that part of the cord where we see Lightning connector rather large and with a design seems a “little rough” envelope which has accustomed us Apple.

The truth is that some companies that provide sound components to Apple how Cirrus Logic already openly discussed working with connectors Lightning to its MFI (Made For iPhone). We hope to see more news on this and above all a best finish in what concerns own connector of the EarPods assumptions with this connection.

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