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Are they so the wheels of the car of the future?


Surely more than one of those present have driver’s license and your own car that moves everywhere. A topic quite controversial and at times chaotic can be the parking the car in a place or where the room for manoeuvre is complicated.

Why a Canadian citizen has created wheels that will make the maneuver to park our car really simple. It’s wheels that rotate in all directions and are able to move our car from one side to another without turning hand-wheel.

But the best in this case is to watch the video made by the inventor himself, William Liddiard. This is the result of its wheels and we seem to simply great:

Click here to see the video

The truth is that this is a really effective solution for those who not is them good theme park your car and really seem to be a normal wheels so it is not necessary to carry out major changes in the cushioning of the car or in the same body.

We also have to make clear that these wheels are fully functional for a circular by the asphalt, Earth or even in rain, they are made of rubber and are Omni-directional does not prevent that they normally use to circulate. Closely follow this brilliant and curious invention of Liddiard well safe be happy you more than one and so far is in its initial phase of prototype waiting for the financial injection of any company that is interested in their work and develop it to the fullest.

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