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ARM bets on virtual reality with the new GPU Mali-G51

ARM Mali-G51

If makes so only some hours talked of how Microsoft wants to give great importance to them developments based actually virtual, now comes the turn of see how manufacturers and creators of hardware also bet by this type of technologies with developments exclusive. This online now I want to present you the latest big news launched by ARM, a grape GPU, baptized with the name of Mali-G51, that would have been designed specifically for virtual reality.

As comment from ARM, this new GPU would reach the market as the little sister of the Mali-G71 via what we speak of the second GPU to reach the market by making use of the new Bitfrost architecture designed for Vulkan. Now well, nor much less the Mali-G51 is so only a Mali-G71 of less capacity and number of nuclei, but speak of the first of its class equipped with of architecture shader dual.

ARM Mali-G51, a GPU designed exclusively to work with virtual reality.

Apparently and according to have from the company, them shaders traditional are capable of processing a pixel by cycle of clock, while them used in this new GPU can get to process until two pixels by cycle of clock using less resources in terms of energy and space in comparison with the technical used traditionally. Of this form, rather than count with six core shader, the Mali-G51 of ARM has with so only three shader dual.

Thanks to the use of all this technology us found with that the new bet of ARM will be a 60% more efficient energy that a Mali-T830 in perform the same work while will present a 60% more than ‘density of performance what would come to mean that is able of perform more work with a lower need of transistors by what the size necessary. with regard to volume of the chip also will be lower.

Especificaciones ARM Mali-G51
Especificaciones ARM Mali-G51

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