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ARM prepares for virtual reality in 2017 with new chips phones


With the introduction of Daydream, integrated virtual reality platform on Android, will be many mobiles which must have the minimum requirements in hardware to take advantage of the potential which means the VR in the mobile.

ARM is already being prepared and their two new chips, the CPU Cortex-A73 and the Mali-G71 GPU, have been announced at Computex 2016. Two-chip more powerful than their predecessors and that come with the advantage of having a more energy-efficient.

The new chip Mali will have some very important feature as offer 4 K resolution at the image up to the 120 Hz refresh rate, which means that more than passes the required 90 Hz for a good virtual reality experience.

As I have said, the two new processors will behave in best way in autonomy and impact on the battery life, which means that you can enjoy these virtual worlds for a longer time.

The Cortex-A73 chip is 30 percent faster and more efficient energy talking to the former A72. ARM has declared that it will be able to maintain the highest peaks of performance for a longer time than previous chips and even has the smaller size of its processors for mobile with 0.65 mm. The A73 is manufactured with a design of 10nm FinFET, indicating their enhanced capabilities for energy efficiency and its format more compact than their predecessors.

With regard to the Mali-G71 GPU, it has improved graphics performance by 50% and an efficiency of 20 percent. It has been manufactured in the Bifrost of ARM architecture and will be capable of displaying graphics with a latency of 4ms. The G71 has 32 shader cores, two times more than the former Mali-T880.

Mediatek, Marvell and HiSilicon already have the license of the new chips, but it won’t be until the beginning of the coming year when we start to see new mobile devices with these two new products from ARM.

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