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Astro A50, headphones wireless gaming and cross-platform


Today we bring you a new interesting gadget. The biggest problem when buying Headphones Wireless for the environment of the game, is that many are compatible with a platform, but not with another. The Astro A50, headphones wireless gaming and cross-platform that will allow us to get the maximum performance in audio to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and of course the PC. We tell you what are the specifications of these fantastic gaming headset that brings us Astro, so you can play your games with great sound and the highest range of headphones to play on any platform.

To be more specific, the model is A50 Wireless, if they are wireless. To many users them check a little for back the made of be wireless because in many cases dan problems of lack of quality or delay, but the reality is that the technology Bluetooth has improved a lot, and this type of headphones wireless starts to be a gadget very to have in has for any player. These earphones transmit at a frequency of 5 GHz to minimize latency, its technology will provide us with instant sound, we will not notice a difference with wired devices.

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The A50 Wireless headset supports Dolby Surround 7.1, surround sound for the most demanding, in addition, you’ll know why part attack us enemies in the game. Inside, a battery of 15 h per charge. But for the more classical, includes the intended to die Jack 3, 5mm, which can also be connected to the captured port. As we have already said, these headphones are cross-platform, quotes, since there is a PC/PS4 and another One PC/Xbox version. Its construction is flexible and durable, so quality will not be a problem. Thus, the A50 Wireless including charger, are an alternative to consider. The price, around 300€ at Amazon.

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