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Asus is preparing a renewal of the Nexus Player


Seems totally abandoned the development of the Nexus Player, perhaps that is the reason why Asus and Google have decided to revive it with a new design and some more features. The reality, is that Android TV not has triumphed as much as it should, having Google Cast devices at a significantly lower price in the market, has made that Google has products that compete directly with one another. But if something costs too much to Google, it is precisely to let die your products. For this reason, a slight renewal of Nexus Player has been leaked, with the intention to give a new push, which we doubt that it is effective.

The truth is that the multimedia centers are trendy, Apple TV has been a success, and the small Android PC boxes which are on the market for about 60 euros, meet and very well the basic needs. It may be the reason why Android TV is being relegated to a second level total. Nexus Player does not receive nor of far sales that are expected of it, and much of the blame it has Google Cast and its price, the possibility of sending any content directly from your smartphone or tablet, that for many, a full multimedia center is completely unnecessary.

However, some photos of the outside of the next Nexus Player will have missed, and the reality is that if well design is not too pretty, if that seems practical and functional, with a hole allowing to hide and enough wires, and a completely round shape, something that is not too much in the market. Perhaps the negative aspect is that the filtered photo shows a blue device, something that perhaps clashes too much with the usual colors of devices that will surround it. We will be updating with the novelties of the Nexus Player, since we know absolutely nothing about the hardware.

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