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Atari returns to create hardware although on this occasion to IoT


It has been the news of the latest hours around the world and is not for less position than the great Atari has announced his return to the world of technology with the creation of new hardware, but in this occasion shall not be cutting-edge video games or even video game consoles will be… home automation products for Internet of things or IoT. So the company delegates have expressed it and it seems that so will do so starting with old Europe.

Atari has joined Sigfox to create hardware

Atari will start this new direction accompanied by Sigfox Enterprise, a company specializing in telecommunications and IoT, helping to Atari on this path and taking advantage of both companies pull the Atari brand. However, Atari will not be a company that build products for home automation and other gadgets to connect to IoT, in this case your gadgets will be connected to the network Sigfox, a safer and more individualized Internet network and to make the user feel more safe when connecting their gadgets to the network. In addition Sigfox can also connect to the Internet, but controlling information, i.e. that sigfox would act as a private network that would give security to the user as well as allowing devices that connect intermittently allowing gadgets to have more autonomy than other similar or homologous gadgets.

Atari takes time getting ready for this and it is an arrival expected by many but the fact is that more than half of those who expected his return they are disillusioned because Atari will not be in the video game sector , but rather in Internet of things, a market with a great future but you can not play (at least with our traditional control). Despite this, surely Atari will highlight in this field as in the past, don’t you think? did in the video games sector

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